Inductive Magic Toy Truck

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We see you complaining that your kids stay entertained only when the cartoons are on. And right when you shut the TV off, a never-ending, patience-testing, and nerve-wracking screaming saga comes running your way.

You can't take them out all the time.

Your 'fun indoor time' ideas list failed a long time ago.

You can't think of any other way to keep them busy except cartoons.

Yes, we totally understand! But, nuh-uh, we disagree.

Because this inductive magic toy truck will remove all the struggles you've been experiencing so far to try and amuse your kids. They will be spending hours looking at the magic show our car truck will put.

What you'll get:

  • Educational Toy: The car that follows the marker line will boost your kid's imagination. They'll be amazed how it perfectly runs on the drawn track. For hours, they will remain engrossed in drawing complex paths for the truck.
  • Fun time: Embrace yourself to listen to all their silly yet funny reasons, trying to justify the magic trick. :p
  • Gift for vehicle lover kids: Get this for a baby, toddler, or any child you know who's just obsessed with trucks, cars, and anything related to transport.
  • Ideal for working parents: This mini magic truck will keep your children busy and entertained so you can give all your focus to your due presentation.

How does it work:

Open the screw to insert batteries, turn on the switch from the bottom, lay the paper on a flat surface, and draw a path with the pen.

The optical sensors in the car enable it to move automatically on the visible line.

* Black line width must be 6.5mm to 10mm.