Instant Plant Root Growing Box Set

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Do you want to clone your plant without disrupting your existing plant? If yes, this plant root growing box is the solution. 

Now you can become a gardening expert with this simple but amazing root growing box grafting that can make your plants multiply just within 6-8 weeks. 

Quick & Efficient!


  • Flexible Water Inlet: The size of the water inlet can be made bigger to facilitate watering.
  • No Harm: This grafting technique does not cause any harm to the parent plant. It remains safe and does not suffer from malnutrition.
  • Thickness Control: The root growing ball has flexible fastening, which adjusts itself for thick branches. This makes it ideal for growing roots. 
  • Convenient root growth: The roots grow right on the branches with this tool, and their separation does not harm the mother plant.
  • Security Locks: This plant root growing box is designed with plugs and corner locks that tightly hold the soil and branch. It ensures that the roots do not get exposed to outer air which can be harmful to their growth.
  • Reusable: The breeding shell can be reused several times to clone more and more plants. It is a cheap and quick grafting option compared to planting the whole plant from the seed stage.  

How to use plant root growing box:

Step 1: Peel the branch of the plant to a width of about 2cm - 2.5cm where rooting is to be done. 

Step 2: Place the garden soil inside the root growing box. Wrap the grafting ball around the peeled plant branch. 

Step 3: Securely tighten the box to ensure that the solid does not leak. 

Step 4: Depending upon the tree type, it takes from 6-8 weeks approximately for the roots to grow properly. Open the box after the prescribed time and see the fully grown roots.

Step 5: Plant them in the ground carefully.