Intelligent Non-Contact Test Pen

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If you are a professional electrician and are looking for an electric test pen that is highly efficient and safe to use, we have got you covered.

Get your hands on this intelligent non-contact test pen that is highly reliable and a lot better than traditional test pens.

Use it without worrying about getting an electric shock and make use of it to find breakpoints in wires or identify zero or live wires.

What you’ll get:

  • Safe from electric shock: The NCV high sensitivity probe ensures that contacting the socket is not necessary to detect current. Hence, it keeps you safe from electric current. In addition, the insulated body of the tester pen adds an extra safety level to it.
  • Identification of zero or fire line: The distinct color bars on the pen clearly indicate the wire is live or zero. The red light on the tester means the detection result is a live line and the green light indicates the detection result is zero.
  • Breakpoint finder: This tester pen is efficient and quick to find any breakpoint in the circuit. You’ll be able to repair the breakpoint and keep it safe for everyone around.
  • Portable design: The pen is highly comfortable to hold even for a long duration. You can also conveniently clip it with your jeans pocket and take it with you everywhere.
  • Long-lasting: The tester pen has 2 built-in 15V AA batteries that offer detecting 1000 times with the pen.