Intelligent Sensor Waste Bin

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You cannot keep the dustbin always open because of the smell but opening the dustbin cover with your hands full of trash is challenging and often irritating.

You either have to put the trash down, which can be spilled, or have to use your feet to open it, which is inefficient.

So instead of all these ineffective ways, get this intelligent sensor waste bin that enables you to throw garbage without touching it. Just glide your hand over the lid, and it will open up to let you throw trash in it.

Convenient for sure!  

What you'll get:

  • Intelligent opening & closing: The trash can sense movement within 40cm and opens up. It closes after 5 seconds automatically.
  • LED Light: You won't be frightened to approach the dustbin at night. It has a built-in LED light that lights up when it is opened at night.
  • Built-in bag box: This intelligent sensor waste bin has an internal fixation bracket that is used to install trash bags. These will keep the bin's surface clean and collect trash in the bag.
  • Wide application: It is ideal for placing in your room, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. It's working won't be affected when placed in a humid environment like that of a bathroom.
  • One press normal open: To keep the trash lid open for long, push the open-close button of the trash can and keep it open as long as you want. Tap the button again to close the lid.