Jar Opener Multi-Function Cap Opener

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Is opening stubborn jars and bottles difficult for you?

Do you look for clothes or use your teeth to open bottles?

Avoid all such inconveniences and install this jar opener multi-function cap opener under the top cabinets. It makes the opening of jars and bottles a breezy task.

You won’t have to ask for anyone’s help to open the lids for you. It is handy for older people with arthritis or any other hand joint pains and sneaky kids who try to open peanut butter jars themselves.

What you’ll get:

  • Hassle-free jar opening: The jar opener is perfect for making it easier for you to open the lids of jars and bottles. It doesn’t need you to hold it in one hand, thus making it a breeze to use.
  • Ideal for different sized bottles: Unlike other openers that are only suitable for a particular sized lid, this jar opener multi-function cap opener is ideal for all sized jars, bottles, and containers. Whether it is a beer bottle, pill bottle, jam, or pickle jar, the opener is handy.
  • Easy installation: Attach the tapered sticker on the back of the opener and attach it to the base of a cabinet. No drilling, no screws needed.
  • Painfree use: The opener is handy for those with joint pains in their hand or has arthritis pain that makes it impossible to use their hands with full force. Place the tops of all the jars in the wedge of the jar remover and press towards the center until the tops firmly grip the teeth.