Kids Friendly Silicone Faucet Extender

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Young ones in the house need a cup to hold water to rinse their mouth after brushing their teeth.

Is your sink large enough to make handwashing difficult for your kids?

This silicone faucet extender is here to help.

The innovative design of this minimalistic tool makes it convenient to use the sink. In addition, the two outlets, i.e., normal faucet use or the fountain type, make it the most kid-friendly tool you can get your hands on.


  • Kids doing bathroom chores themselves: Make young ones independent by attaching this bathroom sink faucet extender to your sink tap. The little hand boats may not store much water to gargle, so this faucet’s upper outlet will make gargling, rinsing, or washing the face easier for young kids.

  • Multiple uses: The silicone faucet extender can be efficiently used in the kitchen and bathroom. Whether you wish to wash fruits and veggies without spoiling your dress or make water accessible for children in the bathroom, this gadget is helpful in both cases.

  • Easy to install: Installing the faucet on tap is just like wearing your socks. It doesn’t require any installation tool; a simple push is enough to cover the tap with it.

  • Multiple water outlets: The faucet extender has 2 outlet sources. A normal one and the fountain type that you can use to gargle or rinse your face. Close the normal faucet opening with your hand, and the water will come out of the fountain outlet.