Kids Giraffe Night Light For Room Decoration

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Your little one won't be scared to sleep alone anymore!

Our giraffe night light will make sure he gets enough glow to make the room comfortable at night. Yep! This children's animal night lamp is a reward for all the caring parents.

So now, you don't have to run towards your kid's bedroom late at night because they saw some scary ghosts and creepy monsters under the bed. Why? Because our baby giraffe decorative night light has taken the responsibility to make their room stylishly safe and comfy.


  • Cute decoration: It has the perfect design to be a giraffe lamp for nursery and the glow to highlight the coziness the area radiates for your baby.
  • Subtle glow: 9 LED bulbs create a soothing glow around the area that doesn't irritate the eyes. Instead, add a calming comfort to the room.
  • Gives your kid a nice sleep: Take a break from your daily 'it's time for my baby's scream' routine with this glowing nursery night light. It literally keeps all the creepy creatures away from your baby's room.
  • Wall-mounted option available: Make it your living room table decoration or hang it in your kid's bedroom for a sweet yet simple light.