Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

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Have your palm and fingers ever been hurt by using a steel scrubber?

It causes intense pain and doesn’t let you keep up with other tasks.

But no need to worry about it – this Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm Brush will take care of everything for you.

It protects your hands from the direct touch of the sponge and liquid soap; this scrubber holder will be your perfect utensil washing partner. 

What you’ll get:

  • No more stubborn stains: The stainless steel sponge of this palm brush quickly scrubs away stubborn stains and grease. In case of tough burn marks, this brush cleans them in minutes and brings back the lost look of your kitchenware. 
  • Full hands protection: When you hold this soap keeper from the upper side, your hands stay safe from unexpected scratches – protective and comfortable kitchen utensil washing experience. 
  • Non-slip grip: The well-designed soap container provides you with a firm grip and avoids slipping. It also firmly holds the scrubber to help you clean your kitchenware with ease and quickness. 
  • Easy to process: It’s simple to use this kitchen soap dispensing palm brush. Simply unscrew the upper cover and fill the bottle with liquid soap. Now, fasten it and secure the sponge on the lower side of this keeper. Your palm brush is ready to use now. (Note: refill the bottle when it runs out and replace the scrubber as soon as it loses its cleaning power.) 
  • Wide applications: Whatever utensil type is, whether it’s a dish, stove, pan, pot, sink, this kitchen soap dispensing palm brush will get the job done at speed.