LED Duck Night Light

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Do you feel your toddler is growing irritable and annoyed each day? He is saying no to the breakfast and doesn’t seem to enjoy his favorite activities anymore.

One of the reasons is bad sleep – maybe he doesn’t like complete darkness or perhaps he needs a hugging companion.

Now, can there be something that ticks both these boxes?

Yes, it’s right in front of your eyes, the rubber duck night light – the epitome of cuteness and the flagbearer of compassion. How will it help?

  • Your kid can set it on his bedside table as a night lamp.
  • He can hug it while sleeping.

It’s not only meant for kids; you can use it as a nightlight or a decoration piece yourself. 


  •  Lovable night light: You and your kids will sleep like a log with this cute night lamp around them. It emits a weak warm white glow which is enough to shed off nyctophobia and fear of mild darkness but doesn’t irritate the eyes while sleeping.
  • Adjustable brightness for convenience: The duck lamp has 2 modes. One is the ’20 min off’ mode in which the light turns off after 20 minutes while the other is ‘always on’ mode in which it remains on until turned off manually. There are two brightness levels as well (strong and light) which will be activated upon touch.
  • Multiple applications: Use it as an accent piece in the daytime and as a nightlight at night. The cute design is sure to garner admirable comments from anyone who sees it.
  • Batteryless operation: No need to insert external batteries in the glowing duck light. It works on a 1200mAh battery with a charging time of 4 hours and a running time of 16 hours (charging cable included).