Light Up Bear Night Light

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homeandgadget Home Rabbit remote Light Up Bear Night Light
homeandgadget Home Bear remote Light Up Bear Night Light
homeandgadget Home Bear Light Up Bear Night Light
homeandgadget Home Rabbit Light Up Bear Night Light
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We know that your little ones adore polar bears because of their cuteness, but they cannot be tamed and kept in the house no matter how cute they are.

Moment of a cold sigh for sure. But for every such problem, we have a perfect solution - a sigh of relief.

Wondering what? Although real bears are a straight-up no for homes, take a look at this bear night light which is the best alternative for your kid’s room. These cute lights are sure to make every child fall in love with them and offer excellent night lights for the young ones so they aren’t afraid during the night.

What you’ll get:

  • Soothing night light: No need to switch on bright lamps or tube lights in the middle of the night when you can keep this LED bear light on without disturbing kids. Its soft light does not affect sleep in any way.
  • Easy to use: This bear night light comes with the remote. The lamp can be switched on both with the remote or by your touch. It has three levels of brightness and 2 timing modes which can be adjusted with the remote as per your need.
  • Portable and easy to carry: This night light can be connected with your laptop, making it ideal to use for work during the night without disturbing anyone else. The small size and connectivity with a power bank or laptop make it extremely portable. You won’t have to leave your child’s favorite bear night light behind when you go on vacation.