Liquid Push Down Alcohol Pump Dispenser

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Every nail paint fan knows how vital nail polish removers are.

Every time you want to change your nail color, you got to turn towards nail polish remover.

Have you been using bulky, oversized bottles of acetone that are difficult to hold? If yes, then it is time to move on and shift to these user-friendly push down pump dispensers and make your life easier.

Suck out thinner from the bottle in a controlled amount without making any mess.

No need to use your soft fingers to squeeze the bottle when you can extract the liquid with a gentle press from the top of the dispenser.


  • Easy to use: Flip open and close design makes it convenient to use. Simply put a cotton swab on the top of a bottle and press down to draw liquid out of the dispenser. The big mouth opening makes it easier to refill the container bottle.
  • Multipurpose operation: Limiting this dispenser to only nail polish remover is a disgrace to it. Widen your imagination and make use of the dispenser with any liquid you want to extract in a limited quantity.  
  • Anti-contamination: The anti-leaking bottle keeps the contents of the bottle free from any kind of contamination. It prevents accidental spillage and makes things more manageable.