Lotus Shape Double-Layer Soap Holder

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If you wonder why your soaps end before the month ends, the answer is soggy and wet soap holders.  

Turn the tables over and save your soaps from getting molded, de-shaped, and finishing quickly by putting them in this lotus shape double-layer soap holder.

With 2 tier layers, you can place multiple things on the holder. It is cute and brings a welcoming feel to the bathroom. You don’t need any tools to install this holder, use adhesive tapes and stick them on the wall for long-lasting use.

What you’ll get:

  • Good drainage: The soap holder has drainage holes on its base that don’t let water stay inside the holder. With the water seeping quickly through the holes, washing and drying the holder becomes extremely easy.
  • Maintain soap shape: The quick drainage ensures that the soap doesn’t lose its shape and becomes molded. In addition, the holder keeps the soap dry and makes its use life longer than the soaps that stay wet more.
  • Multiple storage options: 2 layered storage ensures that it is more than just a soap holder. You can conveniently place storage mugs for toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss on the holder, along with the soap.
  • Decorative touch: The lotus shape of the holder adds a decorative and distinctive touch to the bathroom. Attach it near washbasins to bring a different vibe instead of the ordinary stainless steel or plastic soap holders.