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Removing leftover food from cutlery is challenging. The oil sometimes gets into your nails, and you often hurt your fingers while sponging a knife.

So, when it comes to silverware washing, extreme caution is required, and this Magic Instant Scrub will take care of you right at this moment.

This cleaner ensures you clean all of your cutlery utensils with ease and enjoy your kitchen chores to their fullest.

What you’ll get:

  • No cutlery washing hassle: Elastic and thick bristles are built-in on both sides of this scrub. So whether it’s a fork, spoon, knife, or chopstick, simply rub it on this scrub and get it cleaned in seconds without hurting your fingers.
  • Ideal veggies clean up: The non-toxic and safe material of this brush is fully reliable for cleaning edibles. If you find mud on root veggies, use this cleaner and sponge them with comfort.
  • Strong suction force: This scrub is equipped with a strong suction cup to work well on all walls types like bricks, stone, clay blocks, concrete, etc. So, stick this cleaner to any wall and start cleaning your utensils right away.
  • Easy to clean: This instant magic scrub is dishwasher safe. It’s also hand-washable. In case of hand-washing, simply put a small amount of liquid soap on it and rinse it on the faucet. Once the bristles have been cleansed, just wash and store the scrub.