Magic Silicone Garlic Peeler

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People watch hundreds of videos, eat through tens of blogs to learn one thing – how to save time and get things done quickly.

Yet, they ignore the importance of time-saving gadgets in their lives. This silicone garlic peeler is one such gadget that’ll cut down your meal preparation time in the kitchen.

What does it do?

It peels off your garlic cloves under the count of 5. We are really not kidding, it’s that fast. Simply toss your garlic cloves into the silicone roll, put it on the table, give it a fine round of 6-8 rolls and voila, you are done.

No more smelly fingers while peeling garlic cloves now. Cut down your cooking time when preparing appetizing chicken garlic, garlic lemon shrimp, garlic bread or garlic salmon.


  • Clean peeling operation: Quit removing the peel of the garlic cloves with your hands. It destroys the contours of your beautiful nails and stores a bad scent in them. With this garlic roller peeler, you can peel them quite conveniently. No knife, no fingers required.
  • Saves time in your kitchen: The peeler is 13 cm in length which means it can handle 3, 4 cloves at a time. Get this smelly chore done in a jiffy now.
  • Prevents scarring of the clove: You might be peeling the garlic by placing it down the knife and hitting it with your hand. But that tears and scars the clove. Using this peeler saves your precious cloves from being scared.