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Having a cool slush in warm weather makes everyone fresh and active, right?

But preparing it is a time-consuming task. Freezing and crushing the ice is tiring and not everyone’s cup of tea.

So use this Magic Slushy Maker that guarantees to create a slush in less than a minute.

Let the smoothie cup freeze for about 3 hours, and then pour any beverage into it, squeeze it a few times, and get your yum-yum slushy ready in a short while.

What you’ll get:

  • Fast slushy making: This slushy maker helps you make soft or thick slushies in minutes. Whatever beverage you have, whether it’s milk, juice, soda, this tool will help you prepare a slushy without making any mess.
  • Kids fun time: In case your child is bad with drinking milk, add some chocolate powder in the milk and make its slush in this glass. Your toddler will finish it right away. 
  • Zero quality concern: This slushy maker is non-toxic and fully safe. It’s also washable and reusable. Once you’ve used it, rinse it with all-natural soap liquid and slightly warm water. 
  • How to use: It’s simple to use this slushy maker. Keep it in the freezer until it gets frozen. Then, pour your desired drink into it and squeeze till you achieve your desired slushy consistency. Enjoy your slush/ice cream now.