Magical Tracing Workbook

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Is your toddler drawing random lines on the walls and pages?

All this scribbling is not only dirtying your house but it’s also not a very efficient and purposeful way of learning.

What if your cute kid can actually strike straight lines, draw actual shapes on paper and learn how to join matching objects with lines?

This magical tracing workbook does that.

With 64 pages of highly engaging and learning-oriented tracing activities, your children will be far ahead of other kids before going to kindergarten.

It prepares them for drawing lines, shapes and matching similar characters.

What you’ll get:

  • 64 pages of learning-oriented activities: This workbook is filled with outstanding tracing activities that’ll nurture the cognitive skills of your toddlers and kids. The activities include: tracing of numbers, tracing the path according to the instructions, joining together matching characters, matching the number with their pictorial representation, tracing lines of characters, etc.
  • Augments the graphomotor skills: All this drawing, matching and tracing will enhance the graphomotor skills of your children. They’ll learn fast because the tracing activities are quite creative and vibrant.
  • No need to buy more of these: Thanks to the child-friendly design of this magical tracing workbook, your kid can wipe their old work with the duster. The matter surface is reusable which means all the tracings can be wiped off with a single swipe. Reuse them for as long as you want. Have competitions of kids and develop strong interaction & problem-solving skills in them.