Magnetic Door Net Screen

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Warm sunny days, pool parties, beach visits, and barbecue nights – summer brings back the joy of life.

But, these are not the only things the hot season gifts us.

Woohoo, here comes the buzzing mosquitoes, popping wasps, whining midges, and high-pitched wandering flies to the scene.

Yep, they are here to make you cry, scream and run to catch the little monster.

Save your energy and mood and get this door net screen with magnet instead. Attach it to your door frame to let the fresh air in yet keeping the annoying mosquitoes, bugs, and flies out.


  • Instant insect protection: It will let you enjoy a fresh breeze while keeping all the pesky bugs outside. Yes, our door net curtains will help you get rid of that annoying buzzing sound.
  • Easy attachment: Simply peel off the backing tape from the net screen and stick it directly to the door frame (keep the center point a bit high). You can also use push pins to secure the corners. The middle screen will be closed by the magnetic strip seal.
  • Washable material: Not only is it convenient to attach and remove, but you can also wash these lightweight curtains. However, do remember to be gentle while cleaning.
  • No need to push the curtain aside: The magical seal can come off with a bit of pressure, so you don't have to risk dropping the glass tray in your hands trying to go out to the garden.

* 9 magnet pairs and 12 velcro backing tapes are included in the package