Magnetic Door Stopper

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With children in the house, you have to make sure that they cannot cause any severe damage to the décor and hurt themselves in the process.

One such issue is when they open or close the door with extreme force, it produces loud noises and can damage the paint on both the door and the wall that it strikes with.

Use this Magnetic Door Stopper to protect your doors, walls, and kids simultaneously.

It keeps the door fully fastened to avoid contact between wall and door.

What you'll get:

  • Protect doors & walls: The magnetic force of this stopper prevents a door from colliding with a wall. No matter how strongly the door is pushed, this plug will cease its crashing force and protect both the door and wall from scratches, marks and scrapes. 
  • Relaxing feeling: This holder averts the door from creating noise and avoids disturbance to provide you with a pleasant feel while sleeping or doing any task. 
  • Wide application: Feel free to use this magnetic door stopper for home, office, hotel, or garage. It perfectly works with all types of doors and gives an engaging touch to your home since its design is appealing and it comes in multiple colors.
  • Premium quality: This holder is waterproof. It doesn't lose its gripping force and is resistant to rust which ensures its long service life.
  • Simple to install: This door-keeper is installable in two ways. You can use its adhesive label to secure it or attach it by using screw nails.