Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants

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homeandgadget Home White striped flower pot / UK Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants
homeandgadget Home Dark striped flower pot / UK Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants
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You might have all sorts of plant pots in your house; ceramic ones, twisted glass ones, hanging cork ones, metallic ones but there is one type all of you will crave.

Yes, the hovering plant pot. Just the name sends shivers of excitement down our spine. This is a small, white, geometric pot made of ABS that levitates over the Plastic squircle base that looks like real wood. You can grow real or fake plants in it until they are under the weight of 300g.


  • Relaxing home décor item: Getting diffusers for a soothing atmosphere is old school; modernize your home décor with this relaxing planter. The slow 360 degrees rotation feels exceedingly calming and will improve the air quality as well (if you are planting real plants). Also suitable for office space.
  • Appropriate accent piece for small apartments: Americans living in small apartments outnumber those living in larger ones by 3:1 (Arbor Realty Trust). These families have very little space to make an impact. This floating bonsai plant pot is just the ideal accent piece for them. It creates an everlasting impact on the guests, just sitting at one corner of the room.
  • Perfect housewarming present: Such thoughtful gifts are always appreciated by families that have moved in recently. It goes with any sort of décor and can be placed at multiple places; bedside tables, corner stands, dressing tables, etc.
  • No-hassle set-up: Connect the adapter with the base to activate the levitation. Hold the levitating plant pot 1.5-2cm above the base and try to balance it in mid-air. It will take some tries at first. We recommend balancing the empty pot first before filling it with soil.
  • No fear in case of a power outage: As the levitating pot is made of ABS, there is no fear of anything breaking in case the light goes off. The pot will stabilize itself on the base. You can easily clean the pot weekly after turning it off. Water can be applied even during the levitation process but make sure you are not adding too much of it.