Magnetic Wristband Glove

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Are you a handyman who loves doing DIY projects at home?

Or are you a professional who works around tools?

If yes, you need this magnetic wristband glove to keep your screws and nails safe and near you.

No more rummaging in the toolbox to find the right nuts and bolts when you can attach them magnetically to your wrist.

What you'll get:

  • Strong magnetism: This magnetic wristband glove has 9 strong neodymium magnets installed that keep your iron accessories attached to your wrist for easy access. These won't fall and prevent you from spending extra time finding them.
  • Comfortable to wear: Made with breathable material, this glove is comfortable to wear and causes no allergies and discomfort even if worn for long hours. The velcro closure keeps it tight and fixed around your wrist.
  • Pockets for safe storage: Apart from magnetic attachment, it also has 4 pockets to store non-metallic accessories.