Manual Vegetable Spiral Knife Carving Tool

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“The eyes eat first.”

You might have heard of the saying, but do you truly understand it?

Remember when you made your kids a special Sunday breakfast? Instead of seeing a happy face, you heard them complaining, “not again, mom.”


That one time when you prepared a bowl of Caesar salad for your partner, but on serving, you failed to get the ‘yay expressions’ out of him.

Relax, the problem is not your food but how you present it! Yes, it’s time to become a culinary artist with this vegetable spiral knife carving tool.

Our spiral twist cutter can transform your boring vegetables and fruit into eye and palate-pleasing dishes. Learn the art of food as it makes meals appealing, tempting, and worth eating.


  • Manual spiral twist in a jiffy: No need to go in awe looking at the decorative cuttings in restaurants because this veg carving tool will let you make the beautiful cut veggies and fruits right at your home quickly.
  • Prepare happy meals: Make cooking and eating a fun experience with this carrot or cucumber carving tool. Your kids will love to eat spiral veggies all day, every day. It can also be used to make the oh-so-famous spiral potato fries.
  • Comfortable hold: The non-slip handle allows you to grip the spiral screw and carve it right into the veggies or fruits, which can then be removed to take out the coil. Yes, it may take a little effort to turn it, but surely the final product will exceed your expectations.