Mesh Sneaker Wash Bag For Washing Machine

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Don’t you want a way that allows your dirty, slimy, muddy, smelly sneakers to get cleaned up automatically while you sit back relaxingly in your couch watching a movie?

Easy, get your hands on this sneaker wash bag. Put your dirty sneakers in it, zip it up, toss it into the washing machine and rev it up on ‘auto.’ No need to take off the shoelaces and no worries that the bag will open during the washing – it’s a no-brainer deal for you. Get ready to see gleaming, dirt-free shoes on the other side of the washing.

And the best part? You can use it as a drying bag as well.


  • Anti-deformation bag for long life: The polyester shoe laundry bag is made of breathable polyester that allows the water to circulate through it properly. This enables the detergent to mix thoroughly with the shoe and wash it completely and effectively. The double layer mesh bag has foam rings in between which protects them against friction.
  • No jumbling or unnecessary turning of the shoes: Each shoe goes into separate compartments so that their shoelaces don’t get strangled.
  •  Lanyard design for easy hanging: There are two hanging straps on this shoe cleaning bag for washing machine. This will allow you to hang it on the drying cable easily.
  • Zipper design for extra safety: The zipper on the bag makes sure that the bag doesn’t open up during the whole process of shoe washing. The zip hook is located outside so it doesn’t get strangled with the shoelaces.