Metallic Tablecloth Hold Down Clamps For Picnic Tables

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After a whole week’s tiring work stress, you want to be outside, breathe fresh air, and feel the grass under your feet.  You want to go away from confined walls, and the best retreat is a picnic in some peaceful place with a beautiful view.

You packed everything and headed out to burn the stress. After you organized your picnic table with everything you had brought along, you realized what a blunder you had made.

The table cloth keeps on flying with the wind making it difficult for you to eat and enjoy the pleasantries in front of you.

Avoid such situations by having these tablecloth clamps with you.  These ensure that your picnic table cloth is tucked in properly. With minimal effort, you will be able to hold the cloth firmly and enjoy the picnic.


  • Reusable: These reusable tablecloth clamps offer easy installation and removal. Keep them in your picnic basket and use them to prevent the cloth from slipping away.
  • Minimalistic design: The plain stainless steel body gives it a minimalistic yet effective design. These clamps are barely visible, making them an unnoticed yet useful gadget. Your table décor will not be disturbed by their presence.
  • Multiple uses: For picnics, birthday parties, both indoor and outdoor, these holding clips are ideal. Little kids who try to pull sheets from the table won't be able to do that once these clips are in place.
  • Durable body: Made with stainless steel, these clamps are strong and durable. This also offers resistivity against corrosion which makes them an ideal product. In addition, its smooth body ensures that no one gets scratched by it.