Mini Brass Plant Spray Mister

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Dewdrops glistening like pearls on the leaves of plants greet you on your morning walks.

You want your indoor plants to have the same shine, but there's no dew inside, so it's impossible. And if you're thinking of spraying the plants with a pipe or hose, you can bet it'll be a mess inside.

No need to be disappointed; we have exactly what you need to make your indoor plants sparkle like they've been under the stars all night, embracing dew.


Take a look at this brass mister, which is a plant lover's dream come true.

Spray your plants with this brass sprayer and never let them wilt in any season. It ensures that you don't overwater the plants but instead spray them in a controlled quantity.


  • Beautiful design: This planter is so pretty that it can be placed in the center of your living room, and it will justify as a décor feature. Place it close to your plants so that you don't forget to water them. Its shiny body adds colors to any space it is put in.
  • High portability: It is light in weight. You don't have to carry large watering cans that are too heavy to lift and can hurt your back. Use this spray mister to conveniently mist your plants. It is easy to carry with you wherever you go.
  • Water plants in a controlled manner: You won't be adding excessive water to plants which cause yellowing of leaves. With this brass mister, you will be watering plants evenly and complementing their beauty as well.
  • Ideal gift choice: If you are looking for gift ideas for plant lovers, this is the ideal product to give them. Make their love for gardening grow strong with this mister, and show your thoughts behind the gift.