Mini Bunny Silicone Cake Mold

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Are you a person whose prepared dishes are always appreciated by everyone?

But do you find it hard to make your kid eat your cooked food to the fullest?

No worries!

Actually, children have a poorer sense of taste than adults. That's why they are more captivated by the visual appeal of the meal in comparison to the flavor.

So this Mini Bunny Silicone Cake Mold is here to give you a hand in this matter.

It gives a nice, cute shape to your cake and enchants your toddler toward it, this bunny mold helps you prepare six mini bunny cakes at a time.

What you’ll get:

  • Pleasing food shape: This mold makes bunny-shaped mini cakes without making a mess and makes everyone surprised with your cooking skill.
  • Premium quality: This silicone bunny mold withstands high temperatures to provide you with rightly cooked food. It doesn’t also stick with the food to sustain its shape.
  • Food grade material: Non-toxic and harmless silicone is used to make this mini bunny silicone cake mold. It’s odorless to maintain the real taste of your food.
  • Multiple-use: Whatever food you want to mold in bunny shape, whether it’s chocolate, ice cream, or any type of cake, this mold will perfectly do the job.