Mini Remote Control Watch Car

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homeandgadget Home Red Mini Mini Remote Control Watch Car
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Does your child get annoyed easily with his present toys?

No matter what you get him, he doesn't play with it for more than a day and gets bored.

Turn the tables around with this Mini Remote Control Watch Car and bring endless smiles to your kid's face.

Make your little one joyful while making him/her being punctual with this car watch.

What you'll get:

  • Detachable mini car: The remote control car is great fun, either in the watch or detached. It gives an appealing look that makes your child desire to wear the watch.
  • Remote control watch: This watch includes a silicone band and three buttons for different functions. The right button moves the car in a circle while the left button moves the car ahead.
  • USB cable charging: The automobile is charged via a USB cable. Simply connect the connector to the car charging port and power the car to provide your child with never-ending entertainment.
  • Protective watch cover: The watch cover protects the car besides creating a charming look. You can open the protective lid by pushing the side button.
  • Great child fun option: This car makes your annoyed child cheerful and brings pleasure to him/her. Your toddler will love to spend time with this remote control watch car since it has various exciting functions.