Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner For Laptop, Desktop & Car

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homeandgadget Home Wired Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner For Laptop, Desktop & Car
homeandgadget Home Wireless Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner For Laptop, Desktop & Car
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If you are the person that often eats while using his/her laptop or has snacks every day in the car, this is the product for you. This Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner needs no batteries or electric sockets, it works on standard USB 5 volts and sucks up small debris from your PC, laptop, car seats, and dashboard. Carry it anywhere with you and use it to keep your possessions mess-free.


  • Easy-to-carry cleaning tool:  It weighs less than 250g and sizes 19.6 cm on the widest part. This makes it compatible to be carried in traveling bags or even in the front seat pockets. Take it on trips and clean up the snacks’ mess you create. If you have kids, the need for this tool increases even more.
  •  2 brushes for multi-purpose cleaning: Use the flat nozzle to suck in the dust and debris hidden in the corners or gaps and the brush nozzle for flat surfaces like car seats.
  • Mini vacuum for electronics: Use the mini USB vacuum effectively for laptops, PC, drawers, cosmetic bags, ovens, keyboards and sofa. Small food pieces inside the crevices of the laptop buttons and hidden dust particles in window panes will now be sucked out easily. 
  • No worries about finding batteries or sockets: It works on USB power and thus frees you from the hassle of putting in batteries. Attach it with your laptop or the USB port of your car.
  • Easy dust removal: Simply open the small transparent cover and expel the collected dust into the dustbin.