Mist Cooling Automatic Irrigation System

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While gardening is an excellent hobby but it also is time-consuming. Watering the plants is one task that would take much of your precious time and make you overlook other essential tasks.

Save your time and be efficient with gardening by installing this mist cooling automatic irrigation system. It waters your plants in fine jet spray to keep them fresh and growing while also cooling up the surrounding atmosphere.

The fine mist saves 70% of water compared to the manual use of ordinary pipes for watering plants.


What you’ll get:

  • Lowered temperature: Summer can get extremely hot, both for you and your plants. Use this mist cooling system that can conveniently decrease its surrounding temperature by 20° F and acts as a cooling and humidifying product.
  • Customized water nozzles: The water ejecting nozzles are adjustable. Set them as foggy or columnar spray modes to ensure that every plant gets its customized water input according to its requirements.
  • Save time & water: You no longer have to stand by the plants and water them with your hands in a time-consuming manner. This mist cooling automatic irrigation system waters multiple plants simultaneously, saving your time. You can read a book or attend a business call while the plants are watered automatically. The fine spray saves 70% water and ensures that every leaf and flower gets the desired amount of water.
  • Wide application: Not just for plants, but you can install it on the patio, decks, over the kids' trampoline to lower the temperature and make these places cool in the summers.

Specifications: 5 meters 47 small tubes / 5 gray nozzles (experience pack)
Material: copper + plastic
Working pressure: 2kg-3kg
Link method: 6mm flat mouth

Easy installation:

  1. Cut the water pipe according to your need.
  2. Attach the tee with the nozzle and cover the pipe with an end closure when all the nozzles are attached.
  3. Attach the universal and tubing quick connector with each other.
  4. Attach the pipe with the quick tubing connector side and the faucet with the other side.