Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

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This genius, Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator is capable of translating your words in as little as 0.2 seconds and repeating them instantly, in another language. What makes this portable translator even more impressive is that it supports more than 30 different languages, making this awesome product a must have for world travelers!

This translator features a built-in hi-fi speaker that gives a clear sound quality and automatically recognizes a voice. It solves real-time communication problems as it translates words and sentences within a few seconds.

Simply scan the QR code, then download the translation app and it will work like a charm for you. Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator can be used for both verbal and written communication hence it will come in handy when you are visiting a foreign country.



Multiple Language Translation: Supports more than 40 languages and each of these languages can be translated to each other. Simply press and hold the red button to record in one language and then check the result on your app. Similarly, press the blue button that will translate your speech in the foreign language to get your message across

Intelligent Voice Recognition Technology: This device instantly recognizes the human voice and efficiently translates the language hence easing two-way communication.

Bluetooth Connection: You can easily connect this device to your mobile phones via Bluetooth. It allows wireless transmission distance of up to 10 meters and voice recognition distance of two meters.

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with both Android and i0S above 6.0 devices.

Rechargeable: There is an in-built rechargeable battery of 3.7V 750mA.You can simply plug in the USB cable into an adapter or your laptop and get this device charged.

Easy to Use: Can be used by anyone. All you need to do is get internet access on your phone, scan the QR code on the device and download the translation app. Once the app is downloaded, select the language that you want to speak in and the language that you want it to be translated to and communicate efficiently.

Convenient: This device is lightweight and small so it can be effortlessly carried around in a pocket or purse anywhere at any time.

    Supported languages:
    Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, Traditional Chinese, English (China), English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (India), Korean, Japanese, French, German, French (Canada), Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (International), Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish