Multi-Use Auto Vinyl Styling & Windshield Ice Scraper Tool

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Whether you are looking for an ice scraper for your car’s windshield or a DIY vinyl installation tool for your car’s body, this carbon fiber car window scraper is your solution for both.

Use it with complete ease to scrape off the overnight snow from your car’s windshield and have a safe drive.

The ergonomic and flexible design makes it comfortable to hold and use.

What you’ll get:

  • Durability and flexibility: The scrapper is durable enough to withstand the hard ice scrapping and flexible enough to bend and not break easily.
  • Smooth application: This tool ensures that while applying stickers or thin vinyl film, the seam is perfect. It leaves no cracks or uneven marks while applying any adhesive sheet.
  • Wide usability: This tool is ideal to use from home windows to the car’s body and windshield. With this, you can install advertising films on your car or paste thin protective coatings over your car’s body to protect the paint. You can also use it to stick wallpaper on your room walls.
  • Ergonomic: Unlike the big and bulky scrapers, this is easy to handle and can easily fit in one hand. You won’t feel pain in your hand while using it.
  • No damage: With a felt squeegee installed on this tool, it will not cause any damage to your car or the sheet during installation.