Multi-Use Thumb Knife For Fruits & Vegetable Harvesting

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Do you have a kitchen garden in your backyard that you have been growing for a long? But, when it comes to picking your fruits and veggies, do you find it hurtful to use your bare hands or kitchen knives to do the task?

Of course, it is dangerous and inefficient as well.

Get this thumb size fruits and veggie picker tool to assist you in the chore and make it safe and hassle-free. 

What you’ll get:

  • Safe to use: This gadget is safer than normal knives to cut anything. The blade is surrounded by a plastic base from both sides, which protects your thumbs while cutting.
  • Small and efficient: This tool is small, making it ideal for picking small leaves like tea leaves and other flower buds. 
  • Multiple uses: This tool is not just suitable for picking up fruits and veggies from your kitchen garden but is also ideal to use as a grafting knife. 
  • Ideal for professional or home use: Whether you are a professional gardener or you do your home gardening yourself, this tool is ideal for pruning herbs and other plants to give them a decorative feel.
  • Safe storage: The spring attached with the tool is used to keep the blade closed to avoid hurting anyone mistakenly when not in use.