Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Spatula

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homeandgadget Home Red / Straight Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Spatula
homeandgadget Home Black / Straight Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Spatula
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That stove grime smirking at you needs to be scrubbed.

Those dried ketchup stains on your countertops have to be cleaned.

That excess refrigerator ice that has found its way down the fridge compartment needs to vanish.

But how?

Through this multipurpose kitchen cleaning spatula. It’s got excellent scrubbing capability, has a comfortable handle, can be hung on a hook and handles almost all types of dirt.

What you’ll get:

  • Freedom for kitchen eyesores: Be it deposited grime on the stove or pots, dried food debris on the countertop or excess ice in the refrigerator, this spatula scrapes all of them.
  • No pain in the hands: The handle of the spatula is made of ABS which provides a good grip so that you don’t have to endure pain during the scrubbing process.
  • Multiple uses: Apart from using it as a kitchen spatula, you can use