Nail Polish Guards

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Do you love nail polish but are terrible at applying it?

Your paint turns out to be uneven and gets out of the nail boundary to ruin your beautiful hands.

If you face such difficulties in giving yourself a DIY home manicure, get these nail polish guards to make the task breezy.

Attach these guards around your fingernails and paint them with utmost ease and carefulness.

What you’ll get:

  • Clean nail polish application: Cover your fingers with these protectors so that your nail polish doesn’t reach the skin and look bad. These shield covers enable you to apply nail paint tirelessly without any hassle.  
  • Fit most nail sizes: The pack of nail guards includes 26 pieces with varying sizes. These fit most finger sizes and are ideal for each finger of your hand.
  • Reusable: These plastic covers can be used multiple times. You don’t need to throw them after using once. Use these every time you want a perfect home manicure regardless of nail paint color.
  • Time-saving manicure: These nail polish guards enable you to apply nail paint in a minimum of time. These are ideal for the last-minute quick finishing of nail polish.