Non-Stick BBQ & Baked Bag

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The heavy-duty, mesh design of our non-stick mesh grill bag allows your barbecue masterpiece to fully absorb those amazing, smoky flavors. Great for making healthy jerky, grilled meat, smoking cheese, nuts, vegetables or even salsa, these protective and reusable grill bags work wonderfully for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

What you’ll get:

  • No dropped food: Never cook on a nasty grill grate again! This bag keeps all of your barbecue creations from falling through the grates! 
  • Perfect for every grill smoker: Nonstick, easy cleanup, reusable, hand-washable and dishwasher safe, this non stick mesh grill bag is perfect for all your outdoor cooking and barbeque tasks. 
  • Prepares perfect barbeque: Grill foods without losing one mouth-watering bite through the grill grates, while still allowing smoke to easily move through the mesh to flavor your food.
  • Secures food safely: Food stays securely inside the bag, thanks to the snapping button fasteners!