Ocean Wave Light Projector Lamp

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Spending quality time with a dearest one while listening to the sweet animal sounds on the ocean refreshes the mind.

But due to work or being far from sea it is difficult to regularly visit the sea.

Cross all these obstacles and stay close to water scenery whenever you desire with this Ocean Wave Light Projector Lamp.

It comes with 8 lighting modes and 6 different natural sounds, this projector lamp creates a sea-like panorama in your own bedroom.

What you’ll get:

  • 8 different light modes: This lamp is equipped with 8 lighting modes. It enables you to set your bedroom scenery according to your mood and choice and always feel relaxing and peaceful.
  • Remote control system: This light projector lamp functions with remote control. There are 12 buttons equipped on the remote and each one is used for a different purpose like volume, controlling the rotation, lighting mode, brightness adjustment, etc.
  • 6 natural sounds: This projector lamp comes with 6 different sounds like forest insect sound, waves, seagulls, water, birds, happy music of nature, cradlesong 1 and cradlesong 2. You can also connect your iPhone, iPod or other device with the lamp to play your desired songs. 
  • 45 adjustable display angle: The light angle is adjustable from 0-45 degrees. Set the light brightness and direction as per your need or mood and engross yourself with the natural oceanic surrounding.
  • Multiple occasion choice: This ocean wave light is ideal for a variety of occasions and gatherings, including sleeping, dating, parties, working, relaxing, attending festivals and so on.