Outdoor Collapsible Wine Table

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Thinking about going on a beach picnic with your better half?

Don’t forget to take this outdoor collapsible wine table to hold your bottle and 2 glasses so that you can share a peaceful time together while drinking on your favorite beverage.

Its collapsible design makes it highly portable and easy to carry.

What you’ll get:

  • Plenty of storage space: Apart from storing a bottle and 2 glasses, the table has enough space to put a plate on it. You can place snacks or fruits on the table while you sip your drink along.
  • Multi–uses: Not just for holding a wine bottle, but is outdoor collapsible wine table is ideal for holding any bottle safely. All bottled beverages can conveniently be placed on the table, e.g., soft drinks to juices.
  • Ease of carrying: Its lightweight and collapsible design makes it highly portable to carry. You can store it in your car’s trunk and take it on your camping, hiking, or picnic adventures.