Outdoor Solar Glass Brick Lights

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Do you love to have some time in a bright natural panorama?

If yes, these Solar Glass Brick Lights are for you.

These brick lights charge up in the sun and turn on automatically at night to light up your nearby surroundings in appealing colors.

A remote is also included in the package to change 16 colors and adjust the brightness level.

What you’ll get:

  • Solar-powered: A solar power system is built into these brick lights. You don't need a wire to connect them and turn the Switch button on and off. Just put them in the sun, and they'll charge and turn on/off on their own.
  • Adorable décor: These ice cube lights features 16 colors and has four brightness level. Choose the color and brightness level you want, then change the entire area around you.
  • All place adornment: These solar glass brick lights nicely tone any place, including pathways, stairways, driveways, Christmas and birthday décor, etc.