Outdoor Solar Snowman Decoration Lights

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Kids, adults, and even oldies don't pass up the chance to build the snowman for a fun family moment. The time it takes and the bond it makes really melt your heart with laughter and jokes.

But, you have to wait a whole year for the winter season to satisfy your inner kid who wants to sing 'let it go' while building a cool snowman. Wait no more!

We have come up with the perfect outdoor solar snowman that will keep your winter spirit high even during summer. It can be your cute garden statue during the day and illuminating outdoor solar decoration at night.

Isn't it amazing? Yes? Get one now!


  • Cute design: The sparkly body, little crystal-like button, muffler around the neck, cozy top hat, and bright smile of these snowmen solar lights can instantly make everyone around happy.
  • Solar lights: Our solar powered lights suck up the energy from sun rays all day to highlight your yard, garden, or pathway at night.
  • Budget-friendly outdoor decorations: These snowman solar lights have a solar charging system which means you don't have to spend your hard-earned money on their working electricity. Moreover, they may take 6 to 8 hours for charging but can illuminate your house for 8 hours at full power.
  • Easy to Install: Each solar snowman light has a ground spike, which can be pushed into the ground for installation. Place it in any spot with direct sunlight and enjoy the warm light anywhere and everywhere.