Outdoor Spice Holder Canvas Waterproof Camping Bag

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homeandgadget Home Army Green / Large nine piece set Outdoor Spice Holder Canvas Waterproof Camping Bag
homeandgadget Home Khaki / Small four piece set Outdoor Spice Holder Canvas Waterproof Camping Bag
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Carrying spices for a barbeque or any other cuisine while outing isn’t easy.

You often find it hard to adjust jars in your camping bag. Their lids sometimes open, causing the spices to mix and creating a mess.

Shortly, it’s a disturbing situation that spoils your whole camping/picnic enjoyment.

So what to do?

Simply get your hands at this Outdoor Spice Holder Canvas Waterproof Camping Bag and bring your spices wherever you desire freely.

This bag takes up less space in your luggage and is effortless to carry and simple to use.

What you’ll get:

  • Large capacity: 9 spice bottles are included in this camping kit. You may effortlessly load them with all of the essential flavorings and use them whenever you want.
  • Leak-free lids: This pack contains four bottles with built-in cork caps and five bottles with screw caps. Screwcap prevent liquid condiments from leakage, whereas cork caps are perfect for fastening the dry ingredients bottles.
  • Easy spice carrying: This spice holder folds up to get into a small purse shape. You can easily place it even in your small bag and freely bring it with you to prepare delectable dishes while outing.
  • Ergonomic craftsmanship: This bag's bottle holders are flexible, enabling you to conveniently insert and remove spice bottles and have a fast and hassle-free cooking experience. 
  • Wide applications: This spice holder canvas camping bag is perfect for outdoor camping, hiking, BBQ, picnic, beach, etc. Store pepper, sugar, salt, paprika, cornstarch, onion powder, rosemary, etc