Perfect Fit Sofa Slipcover

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Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own home, but it's not always easy to sit down and relax when you're constantly worried about keeping your furniture clean and free from the damages of daily wear and tear. The Perfect Fit Sofa Slipcover is the perfect solution to your problem! Once you slip this protective slipcover over your furniture, it's protected from unwanted stains and damage caused by daily use. Keep your sofa looking great, while you make yourself at home and perfectly at ease. You don't have to buy a completely new sofa, because this slipcover will breathe new life into your living space, while keeping your furniture free of hair, dirt and moisture.

Form-fitting and ultra soft, the Perfect Fit Sofa Slipcover is the perfect compliment to your sofa. No one will even believe that it's a slipcover! Placing it on your sofa is a cinch, because the fabric is stretchy, with elastic, all the way around. This durable slipcover offers a clean, perfect fit, with a smooth look that stays in place and won't bunch, slip or slide.

For added effect, you can coordinate your entire living room, by pairing your slipcover with the matching pillowcases (not included). Buy them separately and combine the two for a perfectly uniform and complimentary pairing.


  • Protect Your Furniture-  This easy to use and attractive slipcover will keep your sofa clean, and free of stains. It's perfect for homes with small children and pets, or anyone searching for an affordable solution to a clean, new look or furniture protection.
  • Perfect Fit- The seamless, non-slip design ensures that your sofa is completely covered. It's quick and effortless to install and take off.
  • Soft but Durable- Slipcover made of 92% Poly and 8% Spandex
  • Neutral Colors- Available in a large variety of neutral colors that are sure to match any room in your home.
  • Easy Care- Machine washable for easy care and maintenance, wash separately in cold water, on the gentle cycle, do not use bleach or iron
  • Pillowcases (Not Included) with the slipcover, must be purchased separately.


One Seat: 35.43-55.12in / 90-140cm 

Two Seats: 57.09-72.83in / 145-185cm

Three Seats: 74.80-90.55in / 190-230cm

Note: If your sofa is L Type you need to order two slipcovers. The slipcover is ideal for use on sofas with a deep gap between seat, backrest and armrest.