Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Want a decorative addition to your home that brings exquisite, enchanting vibes paired with some health benefits?

Your unique wish is fulfilled through this pink Himalayan salt lamp that lights up the surroundings with beautiful colors and purifies the air as well.

With its 7 color-changing light features, this is sure to attract multiple eyes and become your most favorite possession.

What you’ll get:

  • Air purification: The crystal salt lamp releases anions that purify the breathing air for you. Keeping it near you will make you feel relaxed.
  • 7 color-changing modes: This pink Himalayan salt lamp changes 7 colors, and each color has its own attractive appeal. It is perfect for decorating your home for parties and dates.
  • Shield for electromagnetic radiation: The crystal lamp releases Schumann that cancels out high-frequency electromagnetic radiations from electrical appliances working across your home. This shields you from radiation and keeps you healthy.
  • Perfect sleep: With this lamp used as a night lamp, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby. It minimizes stress and makes you feel relaxed, hence promoting sound sleep.
  • Excellent gift choice: Surprise your near and dear ones with this salt lamp as a gift on birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.