Plastic Bird Plant Waterer

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We know you are not this☝️ stone-hearted but let’s be honest. Don’t you forget watering your succulents? Don’t they bear water shortage when you are on trips and holidays? Yes, they do.

But not anymore!

With these plastic bird plant waterers, they won’t remain thirsty anymore. These automatic watering devices penetrate the soil and give the roots the required water. They are as convenient in keeping your green buddies lively and cheerful as they are simple to refill.  


  • Automatic watering irrigation device: It is a great automatic watering solution for your indoor plants. We tend to forget watering our houseplants quite often, but they won’t remain thirsty for long with this bird plant waterer. The controlled dripping of the water from the terracotta tail allows the roots of your plants to absorb the required water.
  • Keeps plants watered while you are away or busy: Frequent travelers or extremely busy people will benefit a lot from this invention. You can leave these birds into the soil, feeling relaxed about your plants' watering needs while being away on trips, holidays, and outings. They provide you with complete peace of mind.
  • Prevents plants from overwatering: The terracotta tail penetrates the soil and only provides the required moisture(law of diffusion). This prevents the plants from overwatering. The roots can suck in the required water and help your potted plants make food and maintain turgor pressure.
  • Gets you notified of the water level: Thanks to the transparent nature of these bird-shaped plant waterers, you will know exactly when to refill them. Pour water easily through their beaks.