Plastic Cut Vegetable Finger Protector

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Cutting veggies and fruits with a knife can hurt your fingers, even if you're an expert chef.

It causes unbearable pain and restricts you from doing other chores. 

Keep yourself safe and sound with this Plastic Cut Vegetable Finger Protector. 

This finger glove gives full protection to your fingers from knife injuries while you chop fruits and vegetables to add to your dishes and salads.

What you'll get

  • No more fingers wound: The proper size and design of this safety keeper protect your nail and full finger's upper side, enabling you to cook in a relaxed and safe way.
  • Strong buckle system: This protector has a built-in roller buckle mechanism. It stays secure with your finger and avoids slipping. Simply wear this safety keeper around your finger and fix buttons into holes and start your kitchen work. 
  • No wearing hassle: This vegetable finger protector is soft to put on your sensitive finger skin. It's also light enough not to distract you while doing work and helps you get your cooking done with perfection.