Pocket Toilet For Women

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Every road trip lover knows the biggest problem of such adventures is the limited access to toilets on the road. The desperation to hold your pee until you find a rest area with suitable washrooms is torturing.

Get this pocket toilet for women and do your business anywhere with ease and privacy.

Ideal for emergencies, this is a must-have product for road trips, hiking, and camping adventures.

What you'll get:

  • Improved health: Holding urine for a long duration can cause your bladder to be overactive, which can affect your health negatively. Avoid such health problems by keeping this portable toilet with you at all times. Attach it with a plastic bottle and do your business comfortably.
  • Universal fitting: The funnel is attachable to all bottles with an opening of 2cm or above.
  • Anit-leakage: It is leakproof and thus ensures that the pee doesn't mess up anything else and goes straight into the bottle. Even if you pee inside the car, it won't spill away.
  • Suitable for women: The design of this pocket toilet is suitable for all women to use regardless of the posture they use it in.
  • No stopping on road trips: You don't have to make unnecessary stops on your road trip every time someone wants to pee. Just let them use this pee funnel to urinate inside the car and ensure that you reach your destination on time.