Pool Net Leaf Vacuum & Bagger

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No need to spend hundreds of bucks on swimming pool cleaning when you can get rid of all the messy leaves and moss on the base with the improved pool leaf vacuum & bagger. It works by upward water pressure that sucks in the leaves and mess into the large-capacity net bag. Attach your standard size hose pipe with the vacuum along with a standard retractable pole and you are good to go.


  • Durable PVC plastic and net construction: The body of the cleaner is made of blue PVC plastic while the mesh bag is made of a tear-proof material. All this makes it long-lasting.
  • Standard size fitting: Supports standard water hose and contains locking pins to secure the pole steadily.
  • Brush head: Brush lining head on the bottom of the pool leaf bagger allows it to run on the pool’s base smoothly.
  • Large-capacity mesh bag: The bag can single-handedly handle a normal-sized swimming pool. It has enough space to catch all the leaves and bugs present in your pool.
  • Weighted body: 400g in weight so it can sink in the water and reach the base easily.
  • Easy installation: Attach the connector with the brush head and insert the pole in it. Then attach your water hose with it along with the mesh bag and you are done with the installation. After the cleaning, detach the bag and wash it before storing.
  • Package includes: 1 brush head, 1 connector, 1 mesh bag, 1 water inlet port.
  • Effective for: Swimming pool, pond, hot tub, spa.