Portable Digital Guitar Trainer

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Is your crush a music lover? Now is the time to impress your partner!

Playing guitar is a cool feeling, and when the audience is your loved ones, it can be even special and memorable.

Dedicate a meaningful melody or play their favorite tune to them. But it only seems possible if you are a pro-guitarist. Well, not with our ultimate digital guitar trainer.

It will let you exercise your finger placements even when you travel because it is easy to carry around.

This portable digital guitar trainer is convenient for beginners or professionals as it mimics a real guitar. You don't have to carry heavy musical instruments everywhere just for the sake of learning.

Learn and practice playing acoustic guitar whenever and wherever you can with this digital guitar trainer.


  • Convenient to carry anywhere: Its small pocket size makes it an ideal handy musical tool. Now you don't have to wait to get back home to practice.
  •  Effective metronome: This portable digital guitar has a metronome unit ideal for maintaining a consistent tempo or learning chord rhythms.
  •  Impress your crush: Practice your playing speed and muscle memory to surprise your partner with their favorite song on your 1st love anniversary.