Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

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Your luck ran out when you laundered your dirty clothes, and it started raining.

You cant hang damp clothes outside for drying. You absolutely can’t scatter them everywhere across your house.  

What do you do then? 

Use our portable electric clothes dryer to dry your clothes quickly while they hang inside their covers. 

It is a space-saving and hassle-free way of drying up clothes.

What you’ll get:

  • Space-saving and quick-drying: Instead of scattering your clothes on the bed, sofa, or chairs to dry them up, use this portable dryer to dry your clothes by keeping them in a limited space. Hang all your clothes in a polythene storage bag and attach the dryer to it. The hot air will take out all the moisture from the clothes.
  • Portable size: You can carry this dryer easily with you. Whether on vacation or about to attend an out-of-city wedding, keep this portable dryer for quick drying.
  • .Multipurpose: Not only for clothes, but this dryer is equally efficient in drying your wet shoes or warming up your bed before you go in. 
  • Long flexible pipe: The dryer tube is of adjustable and flexible length. Elongate it as per your need and use it conveniently. 
  • Protects clothes from damage: Drying your clothes in sunlight can affect their color and attracts dust too. But this portable electric dryer will create no such problem.