Professional Cuticle Nipper for Manicure & Pedicure

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Do you love having picture-perfect nail art? Yes?

Can you afford those high and fancy salon prices? No?

Then, what did you do?

Probably Googled tutorials for 'easy manicure at home.' Right?

So, was it a go-go or a no-no experience? What? You nailed the design, but your work still looks raw.

It’s because you missed the cuticles – the queen of the manicure-pedicure, the leading lady of the perfect nail art. Only if your base is smooth, you'll get a smoother finish.

Don't even imagine using your nail clippers as dead skin remover as it might rip off your delicate epidermis. For professional results, you need the best tools like our cuticle nipper. It is designed like scissors to give you a secure and precise hold.


  • A smooth base for nail paint: It will help you cut the uneven and wavy cuticle off your nails, thus giving your base coat a fine and even finish.
  • Cheap tool for an expensive process: You don't have to spend your hard-earned money every week for the best nail care that you deserve. Our cuticle cutter sharpener will let you have a pro manicure right at your home premises.
  • Pedicure clipper: Our cuticle trimmer can also be used to clean toenails (suitable for thin) for a refreshing pedicure session at home.
  • One for all: These are perfect to use by a beginner at home or an expert at a beauty salon. It gives painless and effective results every time.