Rainbow Expandable Ball Toy

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Kids have unique imaginations.

Physically, they may be in class, but emotionally, they may be wandering in the magical unicorn world.

They may be gazing at the stars but mentally attempting to piece together their own universe.

One thing is certain, regardless of how unique their fantasy is. It isn't easy to bring them back to reality once they've wandered off into their own little world!

The unexpected disturbance may make your child anxious, which might cause breathing problems, especially if he is autistic or has any sensory issues.

So you might want to have something on hand that will catch their attention while also calming and relaxing them.

And, this plastic expandable ball toy will do the trick! The expanding and collapsible motion mimics breathing movements, thus reminding them to follow its pace.


  • Calming magic ball: The expandable breathing ball can help relax your anxious child, allowing him to match the opening and closing movement of the rainbow sphere toy.
  • Stress-reliever: This mini colorful fidget toy is perfect for autistic kids or people with sensory issues. It can be great for hand therapy and focusing.
  • A must-have toy in class: Teachers can keep this breathing ball in classrooms to relax a crying or distressed kid. The rainbow colors, expanding ball, and a galaxy of the starry sky display a beautiful eye-pleasing show.