RC Hand Gesture Storm Stunt Pro 2.0

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It’s not just an ordinary remote control car.

It’s light as a feather and agile as the spiderman.

Its omnidirectional wheels can not only move forwards and backward but sideways as well.

It can be controlled from remote and hand gestures.

It can spin 360 degrees at lighting speed.

It’s got such appealing colors that no kid can stay away from it long.

It’s the great Storm Stunt Pro 2.0.


  • Extended racing car fun: It may have the same controls as any other remote control car toy but the special wheels, the smooth movement, especially the sideways one and the hand gesture control add that extra spark to it. Whenever it comes across an obstruction, press the right or left button (or gesture is from your hand), and it will travel in that direction head-on (without turning). Other than that, it has forward, backward and spinning controls.
  • Transforms into a racing car & ATV: One of the additional features of the storm stunt pro 2.0 is its transformation from a low center-of-gravity racing car to a high ATV. Make it move in any form that you or your kid wants.
  • Dual control for double fun: Opt for the remote control or the hand gesture grip. The remote needs 2 AA batteries, while the grip needs a 2032 button battery. Both not included.
  • Handles all terrains: Be it grass, concrete, tarmac roads, tiles or wooden floors, this car toy can travel comfortably on all of them.